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smileyFor All Secondary Students

Welcome to cloud computing. With myjuniorcycle.ie you can view schedules and compose blogs, interact with other class mates, view timetables calenders, upload  and save all your files and even share your experiences with teachers.

Getting ready for the new jcsa?

We have e portfolios, e copy books, cloud storage, internal messaging, evaluation and so much more....

Send and Recieve homework online...no more paperwork!!

Then finally at the end of the year...just log into your account and do your presentation online to your teachers!
Look no further, We even come and train teachers and students...no worries!!

For All Teachers

  • This site is in English and Irish
  • Very easy to use
  • SSL Encrypted Transactions
  • Register, create your profile, add Blogs, Upload Pictures, Videos and Files
  • School Year made a whole lot simpler for the teacher
  • Upload directly from phone to your page
  • Telephone and Email Tech support.

visit www.myty.ie for transition year site.



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